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BC Canada Contractors – Qualities of the Best One

Contractors_LogoBC Canada contractors wear many hats and perform various tasks. As the go-to person for subcontractors, suppliers, inspectors, and customers, a building contractor should be prepared to shift gears and be flexible anytime. While being a contractor can be challenging, it actually offers the freedom to make good business decision as well as the gratification of seeing all the results of your hard work and planning in the form of commercial or residential housing development.

The best BC Canada contractors must have the following qualities:

Management and People Skills

Great people skills are vital for success. BC Canada contractors meet with potential customers should be able to relate to their goals and dreams, while helping them make the best construction decisions. Contractors should also deal in a diplomatic manner with every kind of personalities, from the temperamental finish carpenter who will not work in the jobsite that smells like cigarettes to the city inspector who is determined in searching for a code error. Keeping everybody on an even kneel is a crucial and admirable personality trait.


Any contractor you consider must have a permanent location, including a telephone number, tax ID number, and physical address. Don’t trust a contractor that doesn’t have a permanent location because they may disappear into the night with your precious money. But, not every contractor is a crook.

A Calculating Mind

BC Canada contractors deal with figures and numbers all day long. From analyzing and measuring potential jobs during the process of bidding to calculating the net profit and other expenses, the world of a contractor is actually a mathematical one. Contractors are required to be licensed to operating a contracting business. Contractor tests may vary in expense, length, and difficulty from one region to another, yet nearly all of these require mathematical equations that are suited to the industry of construction.

Insurance and License

Before you hire a contractor, try asking to see proof of insurance and licensing. You must be presented with paperwork that shows the license of the contractor, insurance, and bonding, which includes the general liability and worker’s compensation. Otherwise, you might find yourself paying a huge amount of money for injuries and accidents that occur on your job site.


Almost all contractors are self-employed. This only means that they should take care of the company’s business side. Even if a talented office manager will alleviate headaches, the contractor must understand the fundamentals of tax collection and remittance, insurance and liability, payroll, and other business practices.


Majority of top quality contractors keep contact information for clients whom they have served in the past to use as their referrals. Ask your chosen contractor you’re considering for your project to provide at least 5 references. Contact some customers to enquire regarding the reliability, quality, and professionalism of the work completed. To get a good reputation, contractors should complete the projects right on time and only within the targeted or specified budget.

Before signing any dotted lines, it is always wise to ensure that you have a clear proposal that includes your payment schedule. The written estimate must indicate the initial deposit as well as cost associated with every individual task. A clear estimate with detailed information will give you protection from paying unexpected expenses in the end.

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